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seymour, come back to me

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My ipod has been stolen or lost.
Either way it's like tearing out my lungs. (in other words not having music to walk around with is like trying to live without lungs. doesn't work.)
because i have this freakish capacity to feel physical attachment to music/this electronic device i am on the hunt for a new one and/or the blood of the person who took it from me. well, not blood, cause that's gross, but i would be okay with ruining their life.
why would anyone want it anyway? there's hardly any room on it, it's super old, doesn't have pictures or color or anything. it randomly shuts down and oh, most importantly, it is mine.
okay, i will stop. but all i can say is if i don't get it back/ a new one (even though they are SO freakishly expensive. and i refuse to pay for a stupid color/photo one) quite soon my life may be over.
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Good To Me :: Inara George
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