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things to do:

* feed the neighbor's cat
* go show my face at anthropologie again, and basically beg to work there (see adrienne?)
* meet brita on broadway for dinner
* hopefully take some photobooth pictures with brita
* go see my uncle's band.. though i may not actually get to watch his because i want to leave early to
* go see dylan's friend's band

my uncle is in a band of all lawyers. he works at a law firm (he's not a lawyer, he's like the courier guy) and they made a band. he's really good at guitar etc. but i find the name "The Perkins-Coulee Band" depressing. Though not as depressing as "Lawyerpalooza" which is the "festival" tonight. I fear it will be old saddos with too much alcohol and overcompensation.

i was reading my old entries from last year and they seemed to be much more exciting and well, colorful. i can't decide if that aspect is a good thing or not...
lately i've been actually enjoying the sun, which is new for me. i like that it is nice out. but rain is of course, always welcome.

last night i babysat for my cousin, max. i don't like babysitting, but my aunt and uncle's house makes it all worth it. dear god it's amazing. i think they should will it to me. though, they will probably outlive me because they are two of the healthiest people i can think of. very lance armstrong. i want to live on capital hill quite badly.

okay, i am just rambling and should start being productive. so i shall.
oh! and it's rose's birthday today, so everyone who knows her should call her and tell her how much they adore her.
that is all, dear pandas.

p.s. have i ever mentioned to you how much i love brad paisley? if you have not heard of him and like country... FIND HIM
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