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suggestion for a happy solitary evening

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stop what you are doing and go watch a movie outside.
it is very, very nice.

starter kit:
you will need
-2 sleeping bags (one to put underneath you to guard against slugs and the other to actually lie in)
-1 laptop for viewing purposes
-1 extension cord that runs from your basement to the great outdoors
-1 sweatshirt
-1 wonderful movie (i suggest the shipping news )
-1 cute puppy to bribe with treats to sit with you
-1 set of headphones so you can listen without complaining neighbors
-2 nice pillows

potential hazards:
-the aforementioned slugs (small but disgusting)
-electrocution when trying to plug the computer in
-airborne insects
-waking the "parents" while gathering supplies
-being slightly afraid of your basement in the dark whilst you try to find said extension cord and sleeping bags
-copious amounts of dew (that sounds gross)

but it is all worth it. i would have slept outside but i feared for my computer's life (in case of rain)
so, what are you waiting for? get to it!
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Carl's Damn Fishtank
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On May 31st, 2006 01:40 pm (UTC), badmoviescript commented:
If only it were a little cooler out and the sweatshirt were necessary... But I'm enjoying the nightly thunderstorms in the lovely midwest. Though a movie on the indian mounds sounds rather nice right now....
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